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Eye Lids

     I worked as a billboard painter for about four years. The paint used came from gallon cans of enamel. Each had a lid that would ultimately, through a series of events, accumulate a variety of unintended marks.


       Sometimes we -the painters- would use them as small palettes. Other times we used them as ash trays or sail them across the factory like a frisbee. People would step on them, fork lifts would run over them, coffee would be spilled on them. Regardless of how, marks were made. They became very interesting.

     I began collecting them and bringing them back to my studio. I would stare for a while, then glue down a plastic google eye.

     The only deliberate manipulation involved in the process of this collection was the placement of the plastic eye. The resulting effect, prompted by a particular personality and the eye of a painter, says more about coincidence than anything else.

     A subtitle for this collection could be "Frivolous Little Monsters" because a certain danger exists in giving some things more attention than they are due. However, an undeniable and not all together useless pleasure

can be lost in not appreciating a little frivolity.


There are well over 300 of these. Below are a few.

Eye Lid.jpg
Eye Lis 300.png
Eye Lid.jpg
Eye Lid 2.png
eyelid 4.jpg
Eye Lid 2.jpg
Eye Lid 10.jpg
eyelid 2.jpg
Eye Lid 1.jpg
Eye Lid 12.png
Eye Lid 6.jpg
Eye Lid 342.png
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