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     Below are just a few from what I referred to as Imaginary Landscape or Semi-Classical Sketch Page. They are from throughout the 1980s.

     There are well over fifty of these landscapes.

     At the time I was actively showing in The East Village and living at 217 Bowery between Rivington and Stanton.

     I was working as both a mover and a cab driver, raising a very young son, painting and staying away from the clubs and coke that defined that period.

     My studio doubled as a playhouse for my son while the street below functioned as an open air latrine and asylum.

    The sort of free form, paradoxical stream of consciousness in these paintings, fit well with that place and at that the time

The Devil and tThe Dandy, 18x24 acrylic

The Devil and The Dandy, 18x24 acrylic on canvas board

On canvas.jpg

Semi-classical Sketch Page, 36x48, oil on canvas

Flossy Meets the Spaceman, oil on canvas

Flossy Meets the Spacemen, 60x 84 inches, oil on canvas

Landscape with Zebra 1986 oil and acryli

Imaginary Landscape with Zebra, 60x72 inches, oil and acrylic on canvas

36x48 oil and acrylic on canvas 1985ish.

Imaginary Landscape with Cow, 36x48 inches, oil and acrylic on canvas

Imaginary Landscape with Flossy 36x36 oi

Imaginary Landscape with Blue Egg, 36x36inches, acrylic on canvas

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