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    Painting intrigues me. Curiosity keeps me going. Because of that curiosity and intrigue, I paint.

    Once I begin a series, get all the pieces working together and there is a potency to the work, I continue until I feel the tickle to move on.

    That tickle is my bellwether and always comes as a new curiosity. I will not/cannot for love, money, fame, or status stay after that point. 

    This may be the single reason why, after over fifty years of making paintings, intrigue and curiosity has not left me and I am still able to make paintings.

    I build paintings through decades of study, practice and an understanding of drawing, color, composition, marks etc. and how, through our psychology those elements are read and interpreted. In my work, a drip, a rip, a stain simply become compositional elements. They affect the composition as a conceptual element, rather than one that is strictly visual, thereby elevating it to a more complex place.
    I don’t make stern or intimidating paintings, yet these are not soft or easy paintings. They are serious, smart, whimsical, and both visually and conceptually complex. They speak to a contemporary audience about what it is to be a painting while evoking a whisper about beauty and imperfection, brokenness, and resilience.

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