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" I've been making paintings for a very long time. I make them to look at, not to talk about. Of course from time to time there are things to say but not much and not often." Ed V

Old Studio Shot.jpg

Studio Shot From Early 2000s

From the series: Innocents Presenting Beauty to the Bully Theory, 60 x 84 inches. They are oil and acrylic on canvas

There are six at this size. They are all from the early 2000s.

These paintings  -and the title - came about as a reaction to painting becoming more about arguing a theoretical point rather than being a visual experience.

Below are six from the same series but titled: Untitled Metaphor with....They are each 20 x 48 inches. There are twelve at this size along with assorted  drawings.

Below are two also titled: Untitled Metaphor with... These however are 48 x 48 inches. There are four at this size.

14)Untitled Metaphor with Purple Egg, 20
13)Untitled Metaphor with green egg, 200

Below are two from the same series, these however are 48 x 72 inches. There are ten at this size.

Untitled Metaphor with Purple Drip  2004
Untitled Metaphor with Brown Drip 2004 2
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